How Past Life Regression Works: Accessing Past Life Experiences with Hypnosis

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Have you ever felt deeply familiar with a place or person you’ve never met? Have you had a dream that feels more like a memory than a figment of your imagination? Have you experienced fears that seem strange and come out of nowhere? All of these might be pointing to experiences you have had prior to this physical life. 

The concept of past lives and reincarnation has been explored for centuries, and many people believe that our souls live multiple lives, both before and after the current one. 

Past life regression is a hypnosis technique that  helps individuals access experiences from other lives. 

In this article, I will explore how past life regression works and its potential benefits.

How Does Past Life Regression Work?

Past life regression is a journey into the depths of subconscious mind. During the  session, the therapist takes the individual into deep relaxation and guides the person to travel back in time to the most appropriate time and place. In a typical regression, the therapist or hypnotist does not guide the client to a specific life but leaves the choice of the destination up to the person’s subconscious mind. The therapist then helps the client acclimate to the experience by connecting with all their senses and then reporting on the images, feelings, and sensations they perceive.

Once the person has reached another life (i.e., is able to identify another environment), the therapist begins to ask a series of questions that guide the client through that life experience. The goal of the questions is to help the client identify certain significant elements of that life.

It is important to note that past life regressions are not the same as traditional counseling, psychotherapy, or even hypnotherapy.  Some individuals choose to do a past life regression simply out of curiosity. Others choose it to find answers to experiences or behavioral patterns in their current life that are not easily explainable otherwise. Past life regressions are not always conducted by a therapist. Some practitioners are trained in the use of hypnosis for regressions only but do not have a background in hypnotherapy or psychological counseling.

Some people even “play” with it without any training at all. Clients should be careful in selecting a practitioner. Regressions can bring up difficult and traumatic experiences. A trained hypnotherapist would use any presented opportunity to clear or release any negative or limiting beliefs that have been generated by such experiences. A person who is not trained in such techniques may miss the therapeutic opportunity or may even be unsure of how to handle the information as it comes through.

Benefits of Past Life Regressions

The benefits of past life regressions are subjective to each person. Some individuals report experiencing peace or closure after a past life regression; others may gain insight into their challenges and clarity that they did not have before, still others may experience a release of long-held negative beliefs or emotions and a feeling of lightness and freedom.

Here Are Some More Specific Potential Outcomes or Benefits of Past Life Regressions

1. Overcoming Phobias

Overcoming Phobias

Past life regression allows individuals to explore the root causes of their phobias, which are fears of no identifiable origin, hence, seemingly irrational. In a therapeutic setting, the trauma that created such fears can be released, allowing the individual to begin to adjust their behaviors without a subconscious block.

2. Resolving Relationship Issues

Resolving Relationship Issues

Many clients ask if they were meant to be with their life partner or want to know the purpose for which they came together. Others ask why they experience a specific trend in their relationships, for example, lack of commitment or lack of trust.

Exploring the events of the past and understanding what impact they made on the person’s thinking can reveal relationship patterns and imbalances that span lifetimes. Past life regression therapy can help individuals release limiting beliefs, create balance, and put their soul commitments in perspective, thus allowing individuals to develop healthier relationships in the present.

3. Healing Physical Ailments

Healing Physical Ailments

Some physical ailments can be traced back to past life traumas or bodily injuries, especially those that resulted in death. By identifying the original trauma, the hypnotherapist can guide the client through the release of the experience from the body and mind memory and reinforce at the subconscious level the wholeness and well-being of the current physical body. This can help the client experience a reduction of symptoms or even a full release of the ailments.

4. Discovering Life Purpose

Discovering Life Purpose

By exploring past life experiences, clients often begin to see unfinished issues or limiting beliefs that have been formed in the past and need to be cleared. They can also see imbalances that were created in the past and need to be adjusted. Often this information points to the focus or purpose of the current life because the past-life experiences that are brought forward are the most relevant to their current journey.

In a special format of a past life regression called the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), the hypnotherapist connects with the client’s higher self and can specifically ask about the person’s purpose for their current life. This information can guide individuals toward their true calling or give them peace of knowing they are on the right track.

5. Dealing With Loss

Dealing With Loss

 Many people experience heartache after a loss (whether of an important loved one or of something else of significance). A past life regression (especially the QHHT format) can help people see that their soul connections don’t end and that death of consciousness simply does not exist. Regression can help people expand their awareness and put things into a different perspective, releasing deep-seated sadness, anger, and anxiety and fostering inner peace and emotional healing.

Past life regression is a powerful and fascinating experience growing in acceptance and popularity.  While some people may question the validity of information unless they can historically verify it, when regressions are done for therapeutic purposes, the accuracy of historical details becomes secondary to the emotional healing created by the regression.

The decision to experience a past life regression is personal, and individuals should make up their own minds about why they want to go on this journey and whether it is the right time. Anyone who chooses to explore past lives through hypnosis should approach the practice with an open mind and a willingness to explore and learn.

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