5 Signs That a Relationship is Coming to an End

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5 Signs That a Relationship is Coming to a Close by Dr. Natalie Candela of Awakened Hypnosis.

Relationships are a fundamental part of human life, offering companionship, support, and shared
experiences. We enter into different types of relationships, but all of them can potentially contribute to
our well-being and give us opportunities for personal growth. Relationships help us learn about life and
about ourselves by providing the context within which we can be exposed to specific aspects of human
experience, and that, after all, is the entire reason we are here.
Humans have long held specific beliefs about relationships, especially when it comes to families. We
believe that we have no choice in our parents or siblings, and so we must accept them. We believe that
good relationship last forever, and we believe that if we find a perfect partner, it will ensure that our
relationship will have longevity. But in reality, none of those assertions are true. First, at a spirit level, we
do indeed select our own family (i.e. parents and siblings). Second, a “good relationship” is different
from a “life-long relationship,” and third, a “perfect partner” is not the same as a “perfect human.” In
fact, there are several fundamental truths we should know about relationships.

5 Signs That a Relationship is Coming to a Close by Dr. Natalie Candela of Awakened Hypnosis.
5 Signs That a Relationship is Coming to a Close by Dr. Natalie Candela of Awakened Hypnosis.

1. There are no perfect partners; there is only perfect resonance (or simply resonance). We
consider people with whom we resonate to be “more perfect” than those with whom we do not
resonate. So when entering relationships, we should look for resonance, not perfection.

2. Every relationship serves a purpose, but every relationship is not beneficial. Sometimes, the
purpose of a relationship is to teach us to see our own worth and to stand up for ourselves.

3. The absence of relationships can be just as significant as their presence as it pushes us to
develop a deeper relationship with ourselves.

Knowing these basic truths about the relationships and understanding the roles they play in our lives can
help us become more comfortable with the idea that each relationship has a natural life span. It can
help us see that walking away from a relationship is not a sign of failure. Instead, it is an indication that
one or both of the following things have occurred:

1. The energetic frequency of someone in the relationship has shifted (i.e. the person changed),
and the people are no longer in resonance with each other.

2. The purpose of the relationship has been fulfilled.

Both of these are appropriate reasons for ending a relationship. However, when we view an end of a
relationship as a failure, we try to preserve it at all costs even when doing so is detrimental to us. It is
time for us to view relationships as dynamic partnerships instead of stagnant bonds because when a
healthy relationship continues past its “expiration date,” we begin to experience challenges.

5 Signs That a Relationship is Coming to a Close by Dr. Natalie Candela of Awakened Hypnosis.
5 Signs That a Relationship is Coming to a Close by Dr. Natalie Candela of Awakened Hypnosis.

Let’s looks at five indicators that may signal the need for a relationship to come to an end.

1. Lack of Communication
Effective communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and it occurs when people feel
safe enough to express their needs and concerns. If open and honest dialogue diminishes, and
conversations become strained or non-existent, it may indicate that people may not feel safe enough to
express their vulnerability or that they do not find enough common ground to maintain communication.
Both are signs that the relationship is in trouble. Lack of common ground, as well as unresolved conflicts
and unspoken grievances can erode the foundation of a relationship.

2. Unresolved Issues and Recurring Patterns
All relationships encounter challenges, but persistent, unresolved issues can be detrimental. If the same
problems surface repeatedly without resolution or compromise, it may be an indication that the
relationship is stuck in a harmful cycle. This may also become evident when one person decides to
resolve their patterns while the other person remains unchanged. Addressing unhealthy patterns is crucial for allowing the relationship to evolve positively. Recognizing when this is not in the cards may highlight that it’s time to consider parting ways.

3. Emotional Distance
Closeness and emotional intimacy are vital components of a healthy relationship. When people in a
relationship feel emotionally distant or disconnected, it can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. If
efforts to reconnect are consistently unsuccessful, it may be a red flag that the relationship has reached
a point where it is no longer fulfilling the emotional needs of both individuals.

4. Divergent Life Goals
Change and evolution is a natural part of human life. As individuals grow over time, the changes in their
paths can lead to misalignment in life goals, values, and perceptions. If people find themselves moving in
different directions, with conflicting aspirations and priorities, it may become increasingly challenging to
navigate a shared future. Recognizing and respecting these differences is essential for determining
whether the relationship is still viable.

5. Loss of Mutual Respect
Respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship. When mutual respect erodes, and partners begin to
criticize, demean, or undermine each other, the relationship is at risk of becoming toxic. Any healthy
relationship requires a foundation of respect to thrive, and when that foundation is compromised, it
may be time to reassess the relationship’s viability.

It has been our collective human belief that ending relationships is never easy, but it does not have to be
this way moving forward. Once we realize that relationships are meant to flow instead of being stuck,
we can learn to enter and exit them with more grace, prioritizing the emotional well-being of everyone
involved. Recognizing the signs that a relationship may no longer be serving both partners is a
courageous step toward fostering personal growth and happiness. As a hypnotherapist, I often help
clients regain emotional balance and inner peace which is often lost in the course of navigating
relationships. I help individuals come back to themselves, finding empowerment and sovereignty on
their own path. While the decision to end a relationship can be complex, approaching it with self-
awareness, empathy, and open communication can lead to a positive and respectful resolution, allowing
all involved to move forward toward a healthier future.