3 Life Risks Worth Taking

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3 Risks Worth Taking by Dr. Natalie Candela at Awakened Hypnosis.

Three Life Risks Worth Taking

Life is an intricate tapestry woven with threads of choices, challenges, and opportunities. The simplicity
or complexity of this tapestry’s design depends on our ability to take risks, in other words, our
willingness to step into the unknown, to face uncertainty, and to embrace change. While good judgment
and caution in life’s decisions are important, there are certain risks that are not only worth taking but
essential for personal growth, fulfillment, and a life well-lived.

Pursuing Your Passion

One of the risks worth taking in life is the pursuit of one’s passion. Whether it's a career change, artistic
endeavor, or a personal project, following our hearts can lead to a more purpose-driven life. The risk
here is stepping away from the conventional path and embracing the uncertainty that comes with
pursuing what truly sets our souls on fire. Living in alignment with one’s passion or purpose can be
deeply fulfilling, and while there's a degree of uncertainty that may come with following one’s path, the
risks are well worth it because they can propel your career, provide new experiences, generate
opportunities for growth, and bring a deep sense of fulfillment.

Vulnerability in Relationships

Building meaningful connections requires vulnerability. Opening up to others, sharing our true selves,
and being authentic can be uncomfortable, but it's a risk worth taking. The depth and authenticity of
relationships often correlate with the willingness to be vulnerable, fostering trust and genuine
connections. If vulnerability is not honored within the relationship, it offers an early indication that the
relationship may not deserve a greater investment of time and emotion. However, when vulnerability is
welcomed and honored, it demonstrates that the relationship is healthy and will likely continue to

Investing in Personal Development

Embarking on a journey of self-improvement usually requires some dedication, time, and effort.
Whether it's learning a new skill, pursuing education, or undergoing personal transformation, taking the
steps to invest in oneself can feel like a risky venture. Making personal changes in oneself can feel like
stepping into the unknown. However, crating positive changes in oneself is more than likely to yield
long-term rewards. The courage to challenge your own limits and commit to a journey of transformation
can lead to personal and professional breakthroughs.

Fear That Stops Us

What usually stops us from taking risks is fear of leaving our comfort zone and of failing in the end. Our
comfort zone contains that which is familiar and known to us. As such, stepping out of the comfort zone
will make us face the unknown and lead us to feel like we are not fully in control. However, just because
something is yet unfamiliar, doesn’t mean it is going to be negative or less satisfying. With time,
something that was unfamiliar can become quite welcome and comfortable. So, while stepping outside
of the comfort zone can be unsettling, it can also broaden perspectives, enhance adaptability, and add
new amazing new experiences to our expanding comfort zone.
Failure is an inevitable part of life, and it has historically had a lot of negative judgment associated with
it. More often than not, it is not the failure itself that we fear, but the judgment that will follow it.
However, failure has powerful positive benefits. It can help us to get to know ourselves better by
understanding our strengths, challenge areas, things that we love, and those that we would rather not
work with. Failure also allows us to test different skills and circumstances, as well as re-assess our path.
Without failure we would not have much incentive to reflect and adjust. As such, failure is a powerful

teacher. The risk of failure can be daunting, but the lessons learned from setbacks often pave the way
for future success. Embracing failure as a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block can lead to
resilience, adaptability, and a richer life experience.
These fears are legitimate, and they are common to all of us at this point in human evolution.
Nonetheless, they are very manageable and do not need to stop us from living the life we choose.
Coaching and hypnotherapy can be very effective in shifting perspectives, clarifying goals, and reducing
or eliminating limiting beliefs and fears that stand in the way of life’s fulfillment.
Life is an adventure, and taking risks can make the adventure more exciting and meaningful. While not
all risks may lead to immediate success, the journey itself has intrinsic value. Embracing calculated risks
can lead to personal growth, enriched relationships, and a life filled with purpose. As we navigate the
uncertain terrain of life, let us remember that some risks are not only worth taking but are essential for
a truly meaningful and rewarding existence.

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