Are we going to hell in a handbasket?

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The last few years have stirred up a lot of tension, anger, fear, and uncertainty about the future. Some people remain hopeful, but many experience despair about the darkness of the times. Disease, discontent, breakdown of values – it all seems hopeless. What is really going on? Is the human civilization nearing a collapse? Is it time to panic?

Being one of the people who hold hope and Light, I invite you to consider the possibility that instead of nearing the end, our planet is going through an unprecedented positive time in human history – something that indeed has never happened on this planet before. We are beginning to go into ascension – an evolutionary process of awakening to the greater reality and to higher-frequency ideas, beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors. The good news is that humanity is not going to self-destruct and will have a beautiful bright future; the bad news is that we are definitely not there yet.

Many people question how we can talk about the bright future when our life seems to have reached a new low. We see many social systems failing, we see the politicians representing themselves instead of the people, we see friends and family becoming intolerant and unkind. Many find themselves slipping into a life of survival rather than fulfillment. And though these are all real challenges, it is in times like these that it is especially important to check our perspective because our perspective shapes the reality we experience.

Imagine, if you will, that you want to renovate a very old house where your family has lived for generations. What would be the first step in this process? Probably some serious cleaning. You would move the furniture out of the way, and in the process of shifting things, you might notice all the stuff that has fallen behind the furniture and stayed there collecting dust. You might even be shocked to discover this mess since it was perfectly invisible before you started moving things around.

That, in effect, is what is happening on our planet. We are in the process of clearing the space before a major renovation. The tension, the darkness, the shock that we may be feeling is from being overwhelmed by all the stuff that is coming into view. However, none of it is new. All the things we are noticing are not evidence of the new breakdown of the very fabric of society. These things have always been there, in some instances for hundreds or even thousands of years. It is just that we never bothered to move the “furniture” out of the way to see them. They’d been sitting there quietly in the dark doing their thing. And now that space is being rearranged, there they are staring us in the face.

Most of us would not put a fresh coat of paint on the walls covered with cobwebs and with piles of garbage leaning against them. Clean-up is an essential part of any healing and renewal, and in terms of the evolution of human consciousness, the things that have to go are actions and structures that are not in alignment with the future of peace, unity, justice, and compassion that is being built.

So hang in there. This time is not easy on anyone no matter how we perceive reality. But knowing that this part of our history is a critical step in the right direction might help ease your worries. Are we going to hell in a handbasket? Hell, no! Just the opposite. We are going into ascension! Let’s celebrate our courage in taking that step!

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