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Hypnotherapy alters subconscious beliefs and associations to allow for a transformation in conscious behaviors.  Hypnotherapy can help with almost any issue from improving physical, mental, and emotional health to reaching concrete life goals to discovering one’s power, path, and purpose in life.

Issues in-Depth

Fears and phobias often develop as a result of traumatic events or subconscious associations. Fears are produced by known events or circumstances, while phobias have no known origin (so the person might have no idea why he or she is fearful of a certain thing or event). Some examples of fears and phobias are fear of driving, flying, swimming, dogs, insects, birds, public speaking, success, failure, etc. When fears persist, they often lead to a narrowing down of available options and to the limiting behaviors that hold us constricted and unwilling to move forward. Hypnotherapy helps clients release unhelpful associations, let go of the triggers, and overcome behaviors that hold them back from living the life they wish.

Life is full of circumstances that may feel stressful and give us cause for concern. The issues we worry about can range from health to relationships to financial matters to career to our life’s direction and purpose. The inability to release negative emotions, put things in perspective, and be fully present in the moment can lead to the escalation of problems and a struggle with being productive. Hypnotherapy in combination with coaching helps clients find their balance and navigate challenging situations with greater ease. Clients not only work on shifting their subconscious perspectives but also gain practical skills that can be applied in stressful situations to pull themselves out of the spiraling anxiety.

Whether you are ready to stop drinking or smoking, want to walk away from drugs or gambling, want to stop biting your nails, desire to eliminate procrastination, or want to begin eating healthier, hypnotherapy can assist with creating these powerful changes. Some of the behavioral changes can be accomplished in just a few sessions with minor adjustments in behaviors. Others may need deeper work to resolve the underlying issues first. Smoking cessation is usually completed in two sessions (package price). All other issues are handled at whatever pace is most appropriate to the individual situation. When considering hypnotherapy, clients are advised to make sure it is they who want to make the change and not their doctors or their family members. The probability of success increases greatly when the client is committed to the change.

How we see ourselves and our place in the world impacts how we show up in every aspect of our lives. Whether or not we believe ourselves to be valuable and worthy of love, respect, and appreciation affects how we experience life and interact with others. Our relationship with ourselves is the very foundation of our life experience. Many people find themselves not knowing who they truly are, being unsure if they are allowed to have personal space and boundaries. Hypnotherapy combined with coaching helps clients get to know themselves, release limiting subconscious beliefs and develop healthier ways of expressing themselves and being present in the world. Improved self-esteem allows clients to enjoy more fulfilled lives and more balanced relationships.

Life rarely unfolds in a straight line. It is a path with many twists and turns. Life’s transitions can be an opportunity for excitement and new potentials or a time of stress, anxiety, and fear. People in all walks of life need help and support with a wide range of life changes – starting and ending relationships, dealing with changes in the family, changing careers, moving forward after loss, moving from dependency to independence, shifting from being stuck and stifled to being in the flow, expressive, and creative. Whether or not the changes one faces are welcome, the transition from the familiar to the unfamiliar can be challenging. Hypnotherapy can help to smooth this transition and empower the person to navigate this period of life in the best possible way.

Hypnotic work that helps people make behavioral changes is the core of hypnotherapy. But behavioral changes don’t have to be about changing something bad to something good. They can also be about enhancing something that is already positive. For example, athletes use hypnosis to improve their performance. Since the subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined, once a person sees him or herself making a shot or delivering a speech, this experience is absorbed into the visceral body memory and is viewed by the subconscious mind as a memory of an actual event instead of a mere visualization. Hypnotherapy can help make you perform better and more consistently. Some issues with which hypnosis can be helpful include athletics, public speaking, school work, sexual performance, work effectiveness, etc. Hypnotherapy can also be used in general to increase one’s focus, concentration, productivity, and motivation.

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Awakened Hypnosis is a safe place to heal and release traumas of the past, get to know yourself at a deeper level, and create the changes you desire. My work has a spiritual (non-religious) foundation, and as a hypnotherapist, coach, and teacher, I facilitate your transformation by connecting you with your greater truths and with the broader reality. By integrating therapeutic hypnosis techniques, holistic emotional healing methods, practices of conscious creation, and conversations about the nature of reality, I help clients with a wide variety of issues. Whether you and I come together for one visit or for many, my role will always be to guide, support, coach, and empower you on your journey.

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