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You may have heard people talking about synchronicities and wondered why those don’t happen to you or, perhaps, you’ve nodded with a smile. So for those that may not know what these people are talking about, let’s look into synchronicities – what they mean and how they present themselves.

The concept of synchronicity was first developed by Carl Yung who defined it as an event where two seemingly unrelated things accidentally happen together and appear to be meaningfully related. In recent decades, the word synchronicity has become heavily imbued with a spiritual meaning, in which an occurrence of some sort is seen as a response to an open request or inquiry posed by a person at some prior time. In this sense, the events don’t even have to happen together. They simply have to happen in a succession that is meaningful to the person who is experiencing it.

While many may view synchronicity as something quite strange, unexpected, and rare, spiritually-awakening people come to view it as normal, highly-anticipated, and quite common-place. How could there be such a difference in views? Because people on an awakening path understand that synchronicities are not accidental occurrences but intentional events that should be very much expected. In fact, synchronicities could be viewed as replies in an ongoing conversation between people and their Divine environment.

Imagine yourself standing in a grocery store, looking for X, an item you hadn’t bought before. You look in an aisle where you think you might find it, but you don’t see it, so you mumble to yourself, “I wonder where they would have X.” All of a sudden, you hear a voice behind you telling you to look on the bottom shelf at the end of aisle 14. You turn around and see a store clerk that overheard your question and provided the directions you needed. Would you be pleasantly surprised that an answer seemingly “fell into your lap”? Yes, possibly. But would you be shocked out of your wits that a store clerk helped you out? Probably not because you might find it logical that someone who has the answer you need would point you in the right direction.

So if you think of the intelligent universe as a store clerk ready to help you, would it be any wonder that when you pose a question an answer would come in response? The conversation between us and the energy surrounding us is on-going and never-ending. We can, of course, be oblivious to it – either believing that store clerks are fairy creatures made up for children’s entertainment or just ignoring any directions that are whispered into our ears. But if we become open to the greater reality, we may simply begin to expect that when we call out for help, someone will be there to guide us.

But then other questions come up – when will this answer come and what form will it take? To understand that we have to accept some basic facts – both time and language are linear concepts by which Spirit (or energy, or God, or whatever you want to call it) is not bound. This means that things may not happen on your personal timetable and they may not be delivered in a language you expect. The language of Spirit is symbols and emotions, and its delivery system is – everything. For example, you might find an answer in a book that you casually pick up in a bookstore. You might hear it in a conversation you overhear at a bus stop. You might see it on a billboard, feel it in a song, remember it from a dream, or recognize it in a new acquaintance. Synchronicities can appear in your life in an unlimited number of ways. All you have to do is expect them and be willing to recognize them.

Of course, not all synchronicities are answers to questions – sometimes they show up just to tell you “you got this,” and sometimes they may feel completely unrelated to anything happening in your life. Such occurrences may leave you feeling puzzled (if not frustrated). One example of that is seeing repeating numbers (1111 or 222). But that’s a whole other story that we’ll explore another time.

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