Three ways of aligning with your higher self

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As we navigate the challenges of our modern world, you may be one of many people who are becoming dissatisfied with the status quo of life and are looking for deeper answers and greater meaning and fulfillment.

As people seek to become spiritually awake and present, more of my clients ask me how they can align with their higher selves (or their souls).  In this blog, I will share some ways in which you can move towards greater alignment with your soul.

Alternatively, when you notice these changes in your behavior, you can be sure that you are indeed allowing more of your soul to shine through. In my experience, greater alignment with the higher self does not arrive with fireworks. It is as quiet as a whisper, becoming known through gentle changes in perceptions and behaviors, so if you are ready to become closer with your soul, here are just three ways in which you can begin the shift:

1. Greater Self-Acceptance 

When you talk to yourself or when you tell others about yourself, do you speak using neutral, non-judgmental words or do you make little digs at yourself, use sarcasm and belittling? Do you make fun of yourself in a way that if the words were to be applied to someone else, they might easily hurt their feelings? If you do, then you are NOT channeling your soul. The voice of spirit would never berate, guilt, or belittle.

If the voice in your head is full of judgment, it is not the voice of your soul self. If you wish to change it, begin by closely observing your self-talk and intentionally change your tone and words. For example, instead of labeling yourself “lazy” when you lie down on the couch, reflect on whether your body is asking you for rest. Give yourself grace, permit yourself to have downtime, allow yourself to be in need of a break.

Accept your body even when it doesn’t look “pretty enough” simply because it exists, because the moment it ceases to exist, you will no longer be able to stay on this planet and self-judge. Show some gratitude to your body for housing you (no matter how it looks). It’s a kind thing to do. Extend the same kindness to others. The moment you shift the way you address yourself, becoming kinder, more accepting, more neutral and non-judgmental, you can be sure that you begin to align with your higher self.

2. Increased tolerance

When we are disconnected from our higher selves, we fall into the trap of believing that truth or reality is objective, linear, and exists in only one way. And while it may seem rather obvious to us that truth is truth and there is only one version of it, our experience of the truth can be quite different, and all ways in which we may experience it are valid.

Our higher selves are fully aware of this phenomenon and have no problem allowing each individual to have their experience of reality. It is only when we walk away from our true selves that we become really bothered by different interpretations of experience.

When we begin to realign, we soften our view of the truth and how it is experienced. We become more comfortable with the fact that people’s views of reality depend on a variety of factors and their perceptions, while may be entirely different from ours, are as valid to them as ours are to us. With this realization, we may notice ourselves becoming more tolerant and more accepting of divergent views. It is not that we begin to agree with those views; it is simply that we expand our understanding of how the world truly works, and with that understanding, comes greater peace.

3. Reduced judgment

Do you expect yourself and others to live up to strict expectations? Do you feel that people are only loved and accepted when they fully meet those expectations, and when they don’t, they deserve what’s coming to them? So far in human history, we have been very judgmental.  

We have been taught that our acceptance is always conditional, and we have accepted and internalized that belief. However, judgment is a very limiting human thought process. It is based on the belief in the existence of an objective universal right and wrong, and it uses fear to make everyone conform to whatever is believed to be right.

Such thinking is human, but it is not universal. Spirit delights in our experiences and does not sit in judgment. Therefore, when we begin to relax our expectations and release judgment towards others as well as ourselves, we begin to align with our soul mind.

Becoming more spiritually-aligned does not happen outside of our bodies and away from this physical reality. This alignment is lost and found in our every-day journey. It occurs in the tiny ways that we speak to ourselves and to others, in the way that we judge or accept, and in the ways that we demonstrate awareness of and tolerance to the complexity of life. Making positive changes in these areas can not only improve your psychological well-being, it can also bring you closer to your divinity. 


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