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Transformation Coach

Mentoring through personal transformations

Spiritual Teacher

Shining the light along the awakening path

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Therapeutic use of hypnosis to create lasting changes in relation to fears, anxiety, stress, concentration, self-esteem, goal-achievement, etc.
Hypnotic Regressions
Hypnotic explorations of the present and past lives for the purposes of healing, empowerment, and memory recovery
Spiritual Coaching
Guidance and support for those awakening towards greater reality, their connection with Spirit, and their path.
Dream Interpretation
Translation and interpretation of the messages from the subconscious mind delivered through the individual’s dreams.
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my role

Awakened Hypnosis is a safe place to heal and release traumas of the past, get to know yourself at a deeper level, and create the changes you desire. My work has a spiritual (non-religious) foundation, and as a hypnotherapist, coach, and teacher, I facilitate your transformation by connecting you with your greater truths and with the broader reality. By integrating therapeutic hypnosis techniques, holistic emotional healing methods, practices of conscious creation, and conversations about the nature of reality, I help clients with a wide variety of issues. Whether you and I come together for one visit or for many, my role will always be to guide, support, coach, and empower you on your journey.

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"The one who looks outside, dreams; the one who looks within, awakens."
- Carl Jung