5 benefits of past life regressions

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Have you ever experienced a past life regression? Some people find the idea of looking into past lives laughable (“clearly there is no evidence of people living more than once”); others find it scary (“what if I discover that I was a monster or that I died a horrible death”); others use the journey to satisfy their curiosity (“I wonder what kind of experiences I’ve had”); and still others seek to experience a profound healing and shift in their current life.  A past life journey is just one type of a regression that a person can experience. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), developed by Dolores Cannon, is a variation on a regression that extends beyond a simple life visit, connecting the person to his or her Higher Self for a conversation. So what is the value of traveling in your mind to a potential other reality that most of the time cannot be adequately verified? For the open-minded, the value can be quite profound.

  1. One of the benefits of a past life regression is the ability to gain an understanding of current thought and behavior patterns. Have you been distrustful of people throughout your life? Have you been afraid of succeeding? Do you only seem to form relationships with people that are emotionally unavailable? Sometimes the reasons for these can be found in our childhood, but more often than not our “formative stage” greatly precedes our current life’s childhood. A journey into a past life (directed towards the most relevant experience) can reveal the bigger picture that helps us put everything in perspective and explain why we hold certain subconscious beliefs.

  2. Healing past trauma and shifting out of pain is another profound benefit of a life regression. Understanding the bigger picture is helpful, but it is not sufficient if the unhealthy bonds of the past are not removed. Experiences that were intensely negative or that repeated multiple times (ex: drowning in a number of lives) tend to come to the surface in our subconscious and affect us just like any trauma would. When a regression is conducted by a professional hypnotherapist, a healing component is always incorporated when necessary. Identifying the unhealthy patterns allows for the release of outdated beliefs and emotions and clears the path for positive transformations in our current life journey.

  3. Our bodies can “pick up” memories of the physical pain inflicted in the past. For example, a person who in the most recent life died from a shot to the head may experience chronic headaches in the current life. (This does not mean, however, that all headaches are the result of a past head wound). Identifying physical trauma that may be connected to the present physical symptoms allows for a healing at an energetic level, which in turn may release the current physical symptoms.

  4. For people who have lost loved ones or want to understand a connection with the people in their lives at a deeper level, a regression provides an opportunity to see relationships from a higher perspective and even to have conversations with the people that have crossed over. Such experiences can lead to a tremendous release of emotional pain and to a greater peace of mind.

  5. Finally, since the energetic shift of December 2012, the potential of regression work has expanded to things that were not available before. A journey into other lives can now allow a person to tap into and reclaim the strengths and gifts that he or she has developed in those lives. The skills our souls develop in any of the life experiences are ours to keep, and by accessing them in hypnosis, we can transfer their awareness and knowledge into the present. For example, if you need to improve public speaking skills, you can travel to a life where your public speaking skills were best honed, and root that awareness in the present. We also now have the ability to adjust the Akashic Record (a memory bank of all soul experiences) so that traumatic events recede into the background of the subconscious, while positive, helpful experiences move to the forefront. In other words, we can begin to take control of all of our life experiences in a way that supports our current life journey instead of interfering with it.

For people looking for healing, positive transformation, and a deeper spiritual understanding, life regressions offer a unique perspective on their soul journey and a deeply transformative experience. Listen to the real sessions on my website and on my YouTube channel.

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