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This month I asked my friend, archetypal astrologer Justin Crockett Elzie to answer a few questions. Justin is an amazing astrologer, and I refer many of my clients to him. Here is our brief interview.

Justin, astrology is considered to be a science by some people and mumbo-jumbo by others. What is your view on it?nWell, astrology has been around for thousands of years, and it was developed as a science in India and the Middle East long before the building of the pyramids or the birth of Christ or Buddha. In the 2nd and 3rd millennia BC, the ancient Babylonians developed detailed charts and complex mathematical calculations of the movement of the planets and stars. They used these to guide their lives. This was an excellent system of prediction. Fast forward to the Middle Ages, and every government and monarchy had a paid astrologer on staff. In fact, during that time every astronomer was also an astrologer. In the early 19th century, Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology, used astrology with his clients because he found it to be a spiritual tool that illuminated the clients’ underlining issues.

In my work, I have found that it has scientific validity with provable and repeatable results. We know scientifically that the Moon affects the tides and helps the Earth maintain its magnetic shield. Because the human body is mostly water and it generates a bioelectrical field, it stands to reason that the Moon would also affect us. This is evident, for example, in how it affects women’s cycles. Because astrology deals with the influence of the celestial bodies on the Earth and its inhabitants, I view it as a spiritual guidance tool for a person’s path on the planet.nnI know that astrology has different branches that focus on different areas of the human experience. Can you give us an overview?nIf we look back at history, every culture used astrology. As time went on, two major systems developed worldwide – western (Tropical) astrology and eastern (Sidereal) astrology. Under both of those, different paths or focuses developed. However, both are very complementary, and there really is no disagreement in the basics. Over time, different reasons developed for using astrology. nFor example in western astrology, electional, mundane, horary, Hellenistic, or medieval astrology is used for prediction, divination, and identification of the best times for life events. Evolutionary, archetypal, medical, or relationship astrology is used to look at psychological and health issues. Eastern astrology (Vedic or Chinese) also looks at all of these areas. Astrology is useful in all areas of a person’s life, but because astrology is so vast and complex, astrologers focus on different areas. It just depends on what they want to focus on.nnIs astrology something that should be consulted on rare occasions or can it be helpful in everyday life? nI look at it every day because I am really aware of how the Moon affects human consciousness. By the way, there are some current scientific studies in this area that are breaking ground. So I pay attention to where the Moon is for the week to see how it may affect my clients, friends, and me. Astrology shows cycles in a person’s life, and most people would be blown away if they were aware of the patterns in their charts. Usually when the same planetary patterns repeat, certain events happen in our lives, so I use astrology to predict and plan for the future. So I would suggest consulting it daily!nnWe are about to start a new year. What can you tell us about the energies of 2023?nFirst, I look at the year numerologically. So the current year – 2022 – is a 6 year (if you add all the digits), and six means adjustment. This year, we were adjusting to the changes brought about by the pandemic, adjusting to the post-pandemic world. 2023 will be a 7 year, and seven is the time for introspection and analysis, so next year, we will be reflecting on what we have experienced so far and analyzing where we go from here. Currently, Mars (the planet of action and movement) is in Gemini (the sign of communication and learning). It will be there until March of 2023, so this is a great time to get out, experience life and relationships, and create and write. After March, two things will happen – Mars (action/movement) will move into Cancer (the sign of family, mother, and children), and Saturn (the planet of discipline and karma) will move into Pisces (the sign of the unconscious emotions in the collective). At that time, our public discourse will become more focused on children within the context of war and immigration and the role of religion in politics. Jupiter (the planet of good fortune and growth) will travel through Aries (the sign of new beginnings) and enter into Taurus (the sign of material resources), so this will continue to be a good time for starting new financial projects. Collectively, we will continue to focus on resources, such as money and possessions. Overall, 2023 is the time for learning to thrive in a changing environment, which is very positive, because we will continue to grow in our evolving world.n nJustin Crockett Elzie, Archetypal Astrologer is located in the Seattle, WA area, but works with clients long-distance online and over the phone. He can be reached through the following:n(607) 280-8262njustin.elzie@gmail.comn

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