What is your passion?

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More often than not when we talk about passion, we refer to romantic relationships. On the other hand, when it comes to our daily work, we use words like toiling, slaving away, putting bread on the table, eking out a living – phrases that denote neither passion nor even like for what we do. Of course attitudes toward doing work that fulfills us have been changing over the past 20-30 years, but most of us still find it difficult, if not frivolous, to merge the concepts of inner passion and daily work, mostly for a very simple reason – we don’t believe that things that we are passionate about can put enough of the proverbial bread on the table. We still see life as a struggle for survival, and following one’s passion is seen as a distraction from the real stuff of life.

But what’s the big deal about passion, anyway? Why should we concern ourselves with finding it? Because living one’s passion has a huge impact on all aspects of our lives. Engaging in something we are passionate about improves our mental state by reducing or eliminating anxiety and depression, increasing a sense of purpose, happiness, and joy, giving us more energy and drive, and creating an overall positive sense of well-being. Passion also has major effects on our physical health, such as lowering blood pressure, lowering chances of heart disease, and improving quality of sleep.

Even those that dare to think about their passion, are often afraid to take any steps either because they feel it’s too late, or they don’t deserve it, or because they simply don’t know where their passion truly lies. If any of those describe you, let me say this. We are energy beings that come to this planet to express ourselves in a physical environment. Each of us comes with a special set of tools, gifts, and goals, and when those are utilized and engaged, we can feel an indescribable sense of excitement, purpose, and wellbeing. We can tap into those at any point in our life. Sometimes we discover our passion early in life, sometimes later. And sometimes, we even have multiple passions, and after pursuing one thing for a time, we may feel the need to “shift gears.” Some people call it a “mid-life crisis,” but it is actually a cyclical phenomenon that forces people to reflect on their life path and make adjustments if needed. I myself have gone through it in the past few years, and while it was not always butterflies and roses, it ultimately brought me to discover a passion that I would not have even considered before.

If finding a passion appeals to you, know that it can be as big or as small as you want, and remember that since 2012 we live in a new energy that is more supportive of our true expression. So look for those inner gifts, discover that inner light, and express the magic of you!

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