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Potential clients often ask me if my sessions are guaranteed to create change. While I always guarantee my effort, I can never guarantee the clients’ results for the simple reason that each soul has free will, and I cannot override its decisions even with my best intentions. However, when I’m asked if I see change as a result of this work, the answer is “absolutely.” During the last few months, three of my former clients synchronistically reached out to me to share the positive changes they were experiencing after their sessions. I asked if they would be willing to share their transformations, and they agreed. Below are their stories:

Carrie Smith

I came to Natalie in 2020 for a past-life regression to gain clarity about some long-standing concerns.

Negative self-talk and doubt about my life priorities had filled me for years, holding me back from achieving my dreams. During the session, I asked my Higher Self if I could have a family and be a thriving businesswoman at the same time. I was given a very clear ‘yes,’ and this allowed me to accept that I did not need to choose.

After the session, I felt a new sense of peace, knowing that I could create what I wanted. I had to look within to find my own joy and happiness. I wrote down specific goals for my career, changed my daily rituals, and started using the law of attraction to manifest my dream of becoming part of the sports industry. I took time each day to focus on my written goals, envisioning NIKE calling me. I also used meditation to calm my mind, body, and spirit. Early morning meditations helped me receive messages from my spirit guides and my Higher Self.

My manifestation began to unfold within days. After writing down “my art will be heavily involved in the sports industry,” the Toronto Blue Jays MLB Team commissioned me to create two oil paintings of their 1992 and 1993 championship rings. A month later, I was contacted by NIKE! My artwork is now continually included in NIKE’S Blue Ribbon Art Journal as part of the Nike Contemporary Art Series, and most, if not all, NIKEs employees have now seen my oil portraits.

Beyond just my goals, the regression helped me change my whole state of mind. Depression and anxiety had ruled my life for 16 years. But after the session, my negative thoughts subsided and my mindset strengthened. Positive thinking takes daily practice, but I no longer speak poorly to myself and only allow encouraging thoughts inside my mind and body.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this session changed my life entirely.


Carrie Smith is a portrait artist in Mansfield, Ohio. She can be contacted through; Link to Carrie’s QHHT session:

Eric Clark

My life transformation began about two years ago. A year into it, I met Natalie and decided to go through her Core Wisdom Transformation coaching. After clearing some lingering personal doubts, I put all my energy into developing my own business. This was going well, and I lined up a number of projects. However, the timing was quite unfortunate. Covid-19 hit a month later, and all my projects got canceled. Though the situation appeared grim, Core Wisdom taught me to trust the universe and listen to its guidance through my intuition. I was guided to shift from residential to commercial business, which allowed me to do well until my residential business picked up again. After that, I felt the pull to get my real estate license, and that has been amazingly successful even though real estate is a hard market to enter.

The Core Wisdom Transformation coaching, in combination with the QHHT session, was a pivotal turning point in my life. Learning about my past lives has given me so much understanding of the man I am today. I have been able to forgive myself and release the unnecessary pain, guilt, anger, and other negative emotions. For example, I used to experience road rage while driving. This was out of character for me, but I could not stop it. During a single hypnotic session, I was able to address my younger self (who had observed and adopted these behaviors), forgive him, and permanently change that behavior. I am so glad that I made this investment in myself and am forever grateful for the results I was able to achieve in the coaching program.


Eric is a Real Estate agent in Columbus, OH. He can be reached at (898) 463-8777,, or

Link to Eric’s QHHT session:

Anita Luich

The QHHT session I had with Natalie was my first hypnosis experience, and I honestly doubted my ability to be hypnotized. Natalie quickly eased my worries and within a very short time, I was in a trance. My first past life took me to the aftermath of a deadly tornado that killed my father and my new husband. I never pursued relationships after that because I felt the need to honor my husband. I lived the rest of that life alone and unfulfilled. I was then guided to an earlier life where I had found true love and had three beautiful children. My Higher Self showed these to me to help me understand my current unwillingness to commit and to remind me that I can have love and fulfillment.

nAt the end of the session, I learned that the tornado experience affected me in more ways than one. I had never been able to “see” anything but darkness in my meditation practice. I had also always had an issue with dryness in my eyes, hair, and skin. When asked about these, my Higher Self explained that the memory of the tornado caused my mind to block positive, colorful images, and it caused my body to block water.

nI realized that the energy of the past was still affecting me, and I was stuck in the pattern of pushing away things that were good for me. My expanded awareness and the healing done during the session allowed me to break that pattern. Prior to the session, I had stopped dating because I knew I would sabotage the relationships. Having released the fear of commitment, I am now dating again. Having left the darkness of the tornado behind, I can now easily visualize images. And finally, having let go of the pain from the tornado, my body began to hydrate and retain water properly.

nNatalie’s compassion and ability to ask the most appropriate questions helped me begin to heal and grow.


Anita is a QHHT practitioner based in Ohio. She can be reached through The link to Anita’s QHHT session is below.

Link to Anita’s QHHT session:

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