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In my last blog, I talked about facing the times when nothing seems to be working. I wrote it because I found myself in a period of my life when I seemingly hit a wall. One of the steps I suggested in my blog was relaxing and reflecting on one’s path. That is precisely what I did, and today, I want to share my experience.

Once I calmed my mind and began to reflect, I realized that it was time to make the shift that I had been resisting for years. I have been on a non-religious spiritual journey for over 30 years. My evolving spiritual understanding defines my reality, shapes my worldview, and informs my work. However, I am very aware that people are at different places in their journeys, and to many, my beliefs may sound like a foreign language. In my desire to be everything to everyone, I have pushed my worldview into the background, hoping that if I appeared very neutral, it would appeal to the general population. But that didn’t feel satisfying, so I split my time between being a regular hypnotherapist and doing regressions, dream interpretations, and other sessions that I mentally filed under “spiritual work.” My spiritual work largely did not interfere with my hypnotherapy work.

From the moment I started my practice, I experienced internal conflict – all I wanted was to help people reconnect and align with their spirit, but a part of me kept holding back, hiding, and insisting that my approach to life was something personal and should be kept that way. For years I felt like I was trying to walk two separate paths. Meanwhile, the more client issues I dealt with, the clearer it was becoming to me that the vast majority of human problems would be handled much more effectively by shifting the person’s spiritual perspective. If that seems far-fetched, consider this: so many challenges that plague us today – fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation or direction, low self-esteem, self-judgment, anger, loneliness, victim and poverty consciousness, addictions, self-harm, etc. result from feeling (and believing to be) disconnected from the Source. We perceive that we are separate from everything and everyone and alone on this journey; we perceive that our life is limited to the years we are currently living on Earth. We believe that resources are finite, love must be earned, and acceptance is conditional. We yearn for a very different experience because at a very deep, subconscious level we know that all these perceptions and beliefs are wrong (even if consciously we accept them to be true). We yearn for something we can’t seem to reach, and consequently, often find an escape instead.

In a world that continues to reinforce our perceptions of disconnect, lack, uncertainty, and danger, it takes special effort to see beyond that and begin to construct a more accurate vision of ourselves (individually and collectively). I believe that this is the only thing that can bring true relief and transformation, and that is what I am here to help people experience.

It has taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I am more than just a hypnotherapist. I am a spiritual teacher and an agent of transformation for people who wish to awaken to a more congruent and empowering reality. I no longer wish to isolate and hide my worldview from my work; I wish to integrate them. The pause in my life prompted me to rethink how I present myself to potential clients and become comfortable with being open about my beliefs. I realized that if I don’t hide, I can attract clients that are in greater alignment with what I have to offer. As a result, I made some changes to my website and added a page about spiritual coaching. I will no longer be a generic hypnotherapist for a generic client, but I do believe that this course correction is the right step for me and the people I am meant to serve.

I hope you will find this story somewhat helpful. None of us can avoid challenges in our lives, but when we look at life’s pauses as blessings, chances to adjust course, and opportunities to shift gears, we can find ourselves getting much further ahead than we ever thought possible.

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