Living in uncertainty

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The world seems to be a very uncertain place sometimes. Modern civilization offers more mobility, more global connection, and more personal and professional choices, but at the same time, people experience financial instability, professional doubt, and personal isolation. We can choose to live the life we want, but how many of us fear to take the necessary steps?

Of course some uncertainty has been in human life throughout the ages, but it has never been welcome, especially in the past when the course of a person’s life was charted from birth. Humans want to know what’s ahead and plan for it. This stems from thousands of years, when the unexpected did not bring pleasant gifts and exciting opportunities; it led to death and destruction from the erupting volcanoes, deadly plagues, or just neighborhood wars. And that is what lives in our collective subconscious memory. It’s no wonder that we are terrified of not knowing our future. In fact, it is this inability to plan or control the next step that gives people anxiety today. So how do we conquer uncertainty and gain control? The answer may not be what you expect.

One of the core truths of creation is that creative energy (from which everything comes into being) contains within it potentials of all possible outcomes. Some potentials remain weak while others become stronger when our consciousness shifts, certain circumstances align, or we focus intentions on a specific outcome. When the potential of an outcome reaches a certain strength, it can turn into reality. And this can be viewed as an on-going conversation between us and the creative energy, which pushes and pulls on reality like a galactic magnet. However, with billions of free-willed individuals on the planet, there is a lot to coordinate at a level beyond human comprehension. What we can comprehend, though, is that the more moving parts there are to a system, the more complex it is. For example, the right timing is just one important factor in the equation. Because of the sheer complexity of reality, some level of uncertainty is absolutely inevitable – we simply need to allow the energy to take care of the arrangements behind the scenes. But does that mean we should be anxious while that’s happening? Absolutely not. In fact, just the opposite.

In December 2012 humanity entered a new age – the time of evolving consciousness, and though it may not look like it yet, energetically things have changed. More light is pouring onto the planet, and we are becoming more aligned with the world around us. As such, it is time for us to unlearn the lessons of the past that equated uncertainty with probable suffering. Instead, we need to understand that uncertainty is simply the fact of a highly-complex reality, a reality that is becoming more and more benevolently aligned with our needs and desires. So when you don’t know your next step in life and your past typical reaction would have been to contract and be fearful, take a brave and unusual step – relax into uncertainty, and know that “the wind is at your back.” When the time is right, the next step will reveal itself.

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