Do you see the ice moving?

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Lake Baikal. Photo by Jay Tindall

In the last blog, I mentioned that our planet is going into ascension. If that idea is making you laugh because it doesn’t look like anything is getting better, it’s alright. It’s not supposed to look like it yet. But if everything feels slightly off and not “normal,” then you may be sensing that we are in transition. Deep within, our collective memories begin to awaken, and the whispers of ancient wisdom begin to speak within our hearts, “You are much more than this body or even this mind. Your life is more than this physical existence. Everything is not as it seems. There is a lot more to your story than you remember.” These whispers are heard by the awakening humans. Are you one of them?

Spiritual ascension is the process of the natural evolution of consciousness, and there is no question that humanity has stepped onto the ascension path. How could this be when the world around us seems to be such a mess? It is precisely because we see such a rise in messiness that we know that something is shifting. It is no longer “business as usual” on this planet. No matter in which corner of the world we look and what issue we address, things are blowing up in our faces, and that is how we know that things are on the move.

There is a saying in Russia (my country of origin) that in literal translation means “the ice has begun to move.” It implies that progress is finally being made after a period of stagnation or inactivity. During the long, cold winters, Russian rivers and lakes freeze into solid blocks of ice, and when the ice begins to break and drift along the surface, it sends a clear message that the spring has arrived and that life is moving forward again. When the ice first breaks, however, the waterways are almost impossible to navigate, and they look more dangerous than welcoming. But to those who know what’s coming, it is a welcoming sign indeed.

Almost ten years ago, humanity has entered the long-awaited time of thaw, and “the ice” has begun to move. Since ascension is not a quick process, it will likely take generations for us to see a truly different world. However, those of us alive on the planet at this time happen to be the pioneers of ascension on Earth, and the steps we take now will ensure that one day we live in a very different world.

What does ascension mean for us in our daily lives? It means that life as usual (life as it used to be) is not coming back, so we might as well let the nostalgia and the idealism of the “good old days” go. It means that while our paths may seem dangerous now, we are moving towards warmer, brighter days. It means that we have some significant healing and maturing to do, individually and collectively. And, it means that we are living in unprecedented times on the planet, and the shift that occurs within each of us contributes to the change in all of humanity. So how about it? Are you ready to step on the path to ascension? Do you wish to see the bigger reality, the greater truth, the more divine version of yourself? Then join the awakening.