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Past life regressions offer a unique perspective on the person’s soul journey (taking people into the past and parallel lives, and even, at times, into the potential futures). The purpose of such journeys can be to satisfy curiosity about the lives one might have lived or to gain insight about the impact of those lives on the present. Past life regressions can be helpful in healing phobias (fears that have no known origin in our current life). They can offer a way to stabilize mental and emotional energy in a way that is most beneficial to our current life. They also give us the ability to release the trauma of the past and to adjust the Akashic Record (record of all soul experiences) so that traumatic events recede into the background

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (or QHHT) is a regression approach developed by Dolores Cannon. It follows the format of a regular past-life regression, but in addition to the review of past lives, it allows for a conversation with the person’s Higher Self, who is asked about the issues specifically relevant to the client. The session helps to identify long-standing soul patterns and release physical and emotional trauma accumulated over lifetimes. A QHHT session can address many aspects of the client’s life at once, such as relationships, career, health, finances, etc., and it usually takes just one session to notice a significant impact. QHHT sessions help clients take the insights gained during the past-life review and integrate them emotionally, mentally, and even physically, with the goal of supporting their current-life journey. The QHHT sessions may also include contact with the departed loved ones (when appropriate) and a scan of the physical body to identify health concerns that need attention.

Regressions for alien contact are available to individuals who wish to explore remembered or suspected incidents of alien sightings or direct contact. During the regression, clients are taken to the earlier parts of their current lives where they reconstruct and explore their experiences in a safe and comfortable environment. The goal of the alien regressions is to increase understanding of non-human sightings or interactions, help the clients integrate received information, and allow them to regain a sense of control over their lives. Throughout the process, the focus remains on empowering clients through increased awareness and release of limiting emotions. Often alien contact regressions naturally incorporate past-life elements as clients discover in the course of the session that their alien interactions constitute multi-life agreements.

Memory retrieval regressions give clients an opportunity to recover important memories that can positively contribute to their quality of life. Memory retrieval is done only for situations that are emotionally neutral. Clients are not regressed into highly-traumatic events, memories of which have been blocked. Past trauma can be dealt with through hypnotherapy, but brining back suppressed memories that can re-traumatize the client is always avoided. Memory retrieval has been used by clients to find misplaced items, remember a piece of information that has been forgotten, and to reconstruct “lost” time. Memory retrieval regressions are scheduled only if I consider them safe for the client.

"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever."
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